Bead Roller Tool, Manual, Vise Mount Style, Each

part no.PFEBEAD

Crimping Die -04AN

part no.PFE691-04

Crimping Die -06AN

part no.PFE691-06

Crimping Die -08AN

part no.PFE691-08

Crimping Die -10AN

part no.PFE691-10

Crimping Die -12AN

part no.PFE691-12

Crimping Die -16AN

part no.PFE691-16

Crimping Tool Kit, Includes Dies -06AN To -12

part no.PFE690-KIT

Flare Tool Hard Line, 37 degree, 1/8" to 3/4"

part no.PFEFLTL

Hose Clamp Pliers, Stainless Steel, Black Handle, Each


Hose Cutter Tool, Rubber Hose, Maximum 12 AN, Each

part no.PFECUT1

Hose Cutting Tape 2m roll

part no.PFETAPE

Hose Installation Kit, Series 2

part no.PFEHIK

Tube Beading Tool For 1/2" Tube

part no.PFEBEAD12

Tube Beading Tool For 3/8" Tube

part no.PFEBEAD38

Tube Beading Tool For 5/8" Tube

part no.PFEBEAD58

Tubing Bender Tool, Aluminium Black, 1/16" To 1/4" Tubes

part no.PFETUBEN