Delivering Quality Proportioning & Pressure Valves to Optimise Your Car's Braking Performance!

Your car’s braking system is intricately engineered, with key components like proportioning and pressure valves helping ensure you have sufficient power to brake quickly and safely. Your brake proportioning valves and residual pressure valves need to be regularly checked to ensure they are functioning properly. Similarly, you can even get better performance from these proportioning valves, and therefore your brakes, if you know what accessories to get. Luckily, you’ll find everything you need at Proflow.

Explore Proflow’s Range of Car Pressure Valves Online

As dedicated manufacturers and suppliers of quality aftermarket car parts, including plenty of proportional pressure control valves, you can trust you’ll find a solution to any braking problems or issues in our online catalogue. For example, if you’re not getting the immediate response you’re wanting from your brakes, why not try one of our brake residual pressure valves. These can ensure that you’ve got the right amount of pressure sitting in the brake line for that fast braking you’re after. Take the time to explore our full range to find exactly the valve you need, along with great accessories like brackets, to ensure you’re getting most out of these valves and your overall braking system.

Discover Affordable Proportioning & Pressure Valves Now!

Customising or modifying your car can be expensive, but that’s not the case when you shop at Proflow. With our affordable yet quality aftermarket car parts, including our many great valves, you can get the performance you’ve been looking for from your car at a fraction of the price. So, start putting together the car of your dreams with Proflow’s proportioning and pressure valves today!

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