Secure your engine with automotive gaskets and seals 

Automotive seals are small parts of your motor with a crucial role to play, so they should never be overlooked. These are your protective shields for vital engine components. When they become damaged, they can cause big problems.

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges in Australia, sourced from leading manufacturers around the world. Our selection is guaranteed to be strong, durable and the perfect fit for your performance vehicle, so you can trust them to last longer and stand up to everything you throw at them.

Our range includes seals for your:

Timing cover

The timing belt is an essential part of your vehicle, controlling the timing of your crankshaft and camshaft. If outside contaminants get in, like dirt, dust, or other pollutants, then the chain will be compromised, resulting in reduced performance, misfiring and potentially complete failure.

That is why the timing cover is so important to keep these contaminants out. The timing cover gasket secures the cover to the engine block. It can become cracked and worn overtime, so monitoring this and replacing it at the first sign of damage is vital.

Cylinder head

When it comes to automotive seals, this is the most important one in your engine. The head gasket is the gasket between the engine and the cylinder heads. It prevents cylinder pressure loss, while also providing the required barrier to prevent coolant or motor oil from getting into unwanted areas. 

If your cylinder head gasket fails, you’ll experience almost catastrophic engine failure as the cylinders lose compression and a massive reduction in power. Forget about performance – you’ll be lucky if your vehicle runs at all. It’s vital to monitor and replace this at the first sign of wear. Never trust an inferior alternative.


Just like the gaskets for your cylinder head protects your engine and cylinders, these seals shield your turbocharger from contaminants and again prevent pressure loss to deliver optimal power and efficiency.

Your turbo itself may also leak boost, which will reduce power and force the turbocharger to work overtime to compensate, causing premature failure of bearings. Turbo gaskets are thinner than your head gasket, and should be monitored more often. If you notice excess exhaust smoke, loss of power or signs on your boost gauge that your turbo is working harder to deliver results, inspect the O-rings and gaskets.


Are you looking for reliability across the board? Our complete gasket kits give you the O-rings you need for your performance vehicle.

A single leak in your motor can cause significant damage. Buying a one of our engine O-ring and gasket kits is the best way to ensure you have every component sealed for maximum protection.

Proflow offers the complete range of parts, accessories and components for all makes and models of a performance vehicle. We are proudly Australian owned, and our team is available to offer expert advice and support for all your automotive needs. Give us a call on 1300 879 879 or email us at

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