Buy First-Rate Aluminium Tubing for Air Intake Systems

At Proflow, we have various types of aluminium pipe ready for you to customise your own lightweight intercooler plumbing and air intake assemblies. This flexible aluminium tubing comes in u-bends, straights and elbows, with the elbows curving at anywhere from 30 to 180 degrees. We even have other great aluminium pipe essentials, including donuts. They also come in multiple lengths and OD sizes, and are super easy to weld. As a result, you can get creative with your engine compartment and play around beneath the bonnet to make the perfect set up for your car! Remember, when you’re looking for aluminium tube suppliers in Australia, from Brisbane to Perth, Proflow is always the right choice.

Explore Our Complete Range of Hoses, Tubes & Car Parts

Looking for more great hose and tubing? We’ve got you covered. At Proflow, we don’t just have aluminium air intake pipes; in fact, we have just about every type of automotive piping you could ever need, from braided hoses and brake duct hoses to push lock hoses and heater hoses.

Alternatively, if silicone hoses are what you’re looking for, we also have a tonne of options for you to choose from. Silicone hose couplers, for example, are ideal for air intakes, intercooler plumbing, and heating or cooling applications. Meanwhile, silicone air duct hoses can be used for exhausts, engine construction and engine warming.

Yet another option is stainless steel tubing, which includes exhaust tubing and pie cuts of multiple sizes. Pie cuts, which are designed to create bends in oval tubing, can come as singular products or in packages of six.

Australia’s Best Suppliers of Aluminium Tube

Established in 2008, Proflow has quickly become one of Australia’s most recognised suppliers of performance car parts and accessories, including aluminium tubing, and offering delivery across the country and world, including Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. We work hard to deliver the most appropriate, first-rate aftermarket products to solve all your automotive problems. So, be sure to buy your aluminium pipe from Proflow today!

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