Find Vacuum Reservoir Tanks That Make Your Brakes More Efficient

A vacuum reservoir tank regulates the air pressure within your vehicle. It is a component of your car's engine and plays an important role in how the engine functions. It is a necessary component of every vehicle, and if it malfunctions, your vehicle will not be able to function. Thankfully, our vacuum pump reservoirs effectively eliminate surplus air from the engine, while maintaining sufficient pressure to keep it running.

How a Brake Vacuum Reservoir Tank Improves Your Car

Our range of brake vacuum reservoir tanks offer Australian drivers an affordable and quality option for what is a crucial component of a vehicle's braking system. Holding pressurised gas from the braking system, our vacuum tank connects to the braking booster and aids in the release of compressed air by activating a valve when you apply the brakes. A quality vacuum reservoir tank aids in the storage of compressed air and discharges it as required. Our brake vacuum tank stores the suction generated by the brake booster.

However, because the brake vacuum reservoir tank can only contain so much, it's critical to understand how much vacuum is required for your power brake booster. Generally, you need about 18 inches of vacuum to provide adequate suction for a power brake booster. This means that if your tank is empty, your car won’t be able to generate enough suction for the brakes to work effectively. To find out which tank best suits your car, be sure to check with our friendly team.

Shop Quality Vacuum Reservoir Tanks Online

At Proflow, we have a selection of carefully designed and manufactured vacuum reservoir tanks to ensure that your brake booster system gets the assistance it needs. Make sure to get yours today, or if you’re looking for a full vacuum pump kit, be sure to check out our range of electric vacuum pump kits!

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