High-Quality Rubber Hose Adapters for Your Vehicle Available Now

Proflow’s automotive fittings and adaptors, including our hose tap adapters, are designed to be compatible with a range of components across your car, including hoses, pipes and connectors. If you need to connect parts that have different thread types or sizes, our high-quality adaptors can provide a convenient solution. You can even use our high-quality rubber hose adaptors to connect two components rather than replacing one of the components entirely. By using an adapter, you may be able to adapt different parts to fit together in a way that they weren't originally intended but they work just as well. This can provide more flexibility in designing or modifying your car to suit your needs.

You can trust that all Proflow automotive adapters are made of high-quality materials like stainless steel, rubber and aluminium. They are durable and long lasting, ensuring you get incredible value for money. Plus, with such a huge range of hose connector adapters and more, you’re sure to find something to suit your car, no matter what you drive.

Create Your Ideal Automotive System With Our Hose Connector Adapters

When you pick up a hose connector adapter, you want to know it can handle the stress, and wear and tear of regular use. And that’s what you’ll get when you choose Proflow. Whether you’re after a hose tap adapter or a brake fitting adapter, our products are designed to go the distance and enhance your car’s performance. From improving the flow of fuel and air through your engine to connecting your custom turbo system, our adapters will reliably help you increase your car’s horsepower. So, when you need adapters, hose pipe end fittings and more, you know where to go.

Shop Hose Tap Adaptors & More Now!

For reliable rubber hose adapters to suit your next auto project — big or small — be sure to go to Proflow.

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