Shop Quality Aftermarket Silicone Hoses for Your Engine Intake & Turbocharger

Choosing the correct silicone hose for your car is essential, as transporting liquids and gases throughout your engine will directly influence your performance levels. That’s why we’re committed to being the best silicone hoses and turbo hose supplier for Australia.

Our extensive range of hose and tubing outstrips standard rubber options easily, including:

  • Increased flexibility and resilience: Not only are silicone hoses more flexible than rubber ones, but over time they maintain that flexibility. This means you’re less likely to see cracks or hardening when you choose a silicone hose.
  • Improved durability: Our range of silicone tubing is highly durable and likely to outlast the rest of your vehicle.
  • Ability to manage higher temperatures: Silicone can carry liquids at much higher temperatures than rubber, which makes it perfect for performance vehicles. It’s also why our silicone hoses make great heater hoses.
  • Reduced noise and vibration: Our products help to muffle noises or vibration from your engine, so you can focus on the drive ahead.
  • Sleeker, better look: Our silicone turbo hoses and tube fittings look great and are perfect for transforming your car into a stylish powerhouse.

Explore Our Range of Hoses & Tube Fittings to Upgrade Your Car

From straight hoses to all sorts of hose hardware, we take hoses seriously. And, if you’re ever stuck on what hose you need, our friendly team can point you in the right direction.

Braided Hoses

Your braking system is crucial, particularly for your safety and that of the people sharing the road with you. Unfortunately, some brake systems use cheap rubber hoses, which limit their efficiency and ultimately your ability to stop quickly.

Braided options are an essential upgrade as they won’t swell over time, unlike rubber alternatives. As durable as rubber is, constant expansion and swelling will lead to brake fade and reduce its lifespan, whereas braided hoses give you the reliability you need under all conditions.

Stainless Steel Hoses

If you’re after power and performance, you need to optimise your heat management. A vehicle that is running too hot will not reach its potential. Plus, at the same time, overheating can cause significant damage to the engine, and other key parts and components.

Choosing our stainless steel pipes is a great solution to add some shine to your engine bay, while getting that heat resistance you need. Stainless steel is also more durable and has greater longevity than generic materials such as aluminium. It will not rust or discolour as mild steel would.

Transparent Hoses

Our range of PVC transparent hoses are great choices, due to their flexibility, durability and resistance to high pressure. These hoses are designed to do their job well and give you great value for money.

Shop Silicone Hoses & Tubes Online Now

Based in Melbourne, we can deliver your new, top-notch silicone hose to Perth, Sydney and anywhere else in Australia and the world. Don’t settle for less when it’s your car’s performance at stake; get your silicone hose and tube fittings now from Proflow.

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