Get the Best of Both Worlds with Exhaust Cutouts

Upgrade your driving experience with electric exhaust cutouts—the ultimate solution for on-demand control over your vehicle's exhaust performance. Imagine having the freedom to effortlessly switch between a discreet, street-friendly exhaust and a bold, aggressive roar at the touch of a button or remote control. Exhaust cutouts provide a dynamic driving experience, allowing you to unleash the full power and sound of your engine when desired, whether it's for track days, spirited drives, or simply making a statement on the road. With these impressive accessories from our Exhaust and Insulation selection, you gain the flexibility to customise your vehicle's exhaust note and performance without the need for a permanent modification.

How Do They Work?

At Proflow, we have a variety of electric exhaust cutout kits to customise your exhaust system. These kits easily fit into your existing exhaust by welding or clamping, and you can open or close them using the included remote control switch from inside your vehicle. If you have dual versions, the remote handles both sides, or you can wire them independently if you prefer. Features such as these help make our exhaust cut outs as convenient and adaptable as possible. We also have an assortment of other exhaust accessories such as exhaust hangers, hanger rods and header flanges. If you need parts and accessories for car Insulation, we can help you here too. From exhaust wraps to floor heat shields, you’ve got you covered with high-quality insulation.

Putting the ‘Pro’ in Proflow

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to what we do, Proflow excels in the aftermarket automotive industry. Since 2008, our mission has been to create an extensive and affordable range of fluid transfer products. Through collaboration with local engineers and manufacturers, we've proudly developed over 7,000 industry-leading automotive products, all of which have been rigorously tested. We also pride ourselves on first-class customer service, offering our knowledge and insights to our customers whenever they need it. With a focus on refinement and staying ahead of industry trends, Proflow remains your trusted choice for aftermarket automotive parts and components.

Invest in Quality for Your Car

Elevate your driving enjoyment and make every journey memorable by investing in electric exhaust cutouts. This is the perfect accessory for enthusiasts seeking an unparalleled combination of power, control, and versatility. Shop now!

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