Premium Quality 9-Inch Brake Boosters to Maximise Your Car's Braking Performance!

Car brake boosters, including 9” and 11” options, are one of the more widespread technological changes in the automotive industry. This innovation of car brake boosters has improved driving experiences worldwide while also playing a role in improved safety for road users. Of course, these benefits are reflected through the quality of the individual 9-inch brake booster.

That’s why we recommend you always choose Proflow as your go-to 9” brake booster supplier. Our 9in brake boosters, available online for delivery across Australia, have been designed and manufactured with the aim of giving you the best value for money, including durability and performance. This also includes offering a range of finishes and styles to suit classic and modern cars. Plus, you’ll find this same level of care reflected throughout our entire brake booster range, from smaller 7” options to heftier 11” boosters. Whatever size you choose, you’re guaranteed that reliable Proflow quality.

After Your 9-Inch Brake Booster, What’s Next?

But 8” and 9” boosters are just the beginning at Proflow. We’re proud to have an extensive range of quality aftermarket car parts to help you repair, restore or upgrade your car without breaking the bank. Whether you’re looking to get more out of your daily drive, or get serious on the track, we have an extensive range to ensure you can replace entire systems or just that one key part.

And if you’re ever stuck and aren’t sure what would be best, our friendly team is always on hand to give you advice and recommendations. Simply let us know what you’re driving and where you’re looking to see improvements and we’ll use our extensive experience to point you in the right direction.

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