Discover World-Class Fuel Pumps & Accessories for Your Vehicle

For the smooth and efficient transfer of fuel, you need to make sure you have the best-quality fuel pumps on the market. At Proflow, we have a tonne of fuel pump kits and accessories that will help your car run at its best, including top-ranking Bosch 044-style fuel pumps. Our convenient fuel pump kits also give you the option to buy several products in one convenient package, such as an electric fuel pump, a filter and adapters.

And what if you already have your new automotive fuel pump ready to go and just need a few other fuel system parts? We’ve got the accessories you need to ensure an easy install and that you’re going to get the most out of your new fuel pump. These parts include easy-to-attach brackets, with both single hole and dual mount billet brackets available. We also offer individual fuel pump filters, strainers, tubing and harnesses.

Shop Our Huge Range of Automotive Equipment & Accessories

Along with fuel pumps, Proflow can offer you a range of automotive spare parts and equipment. In terms of car parts, we have a near-endless supply of components for your engine, exhaust and insulation compartments, as well as your brake, oil and additional fuel pump car parts. You can also browse our collection of electrical equipment, gauges, fittings, adaptors, hoses, tubes and more.

If you’re looking for air system parts, along with your fuel pump, we have plenty to choose from as well. Our air filters are washable and reusable, and provide more surface area than conventional air cleaners. We also have air cleaner nuts, spacer kits and stud kits. And don’t forget the throttle body! Our throttle bodies are made to last, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure they can perform under pressure.

To complete your car’s engine and fuel system, consider products like our carburettor kits, intake manifold kits, adapters and adapter plates, throttle cables, adjustable linkages, and much more. Likewise, equipment and parts such as under car surge tanks, mount caps, gaskets, safety foam and spill trays are important for getting the most out of your car, especially when you’re after that race-winning performance.

Proflow: The Trusted Aussie Fuel Pump Suppliers

As one of Australia’s best-recognised automotive performance brands, Proflow knows what industry-leading products can do for your car. Our experienced team maintains over 7,000 products so that whatever your specific needs may be, we have the parts to address them. Visit your favourite automotive suppliers online today and choose the perfect fuel pump for your car!

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