Delivering Excellence With Our High-Quality 11" Brake Boosters, Available Online

When it comes to improved technology in the automotive industry, brake boosters, including 11in models, have played a significant role in improving driver and vehicle safety through innovation. Where traditional brakes required drivers to exert more effort to achieve the desired result, brake boosters have made things easier, much like power steering systems.

At Proflow, we’re all about innovation and improvement. It’s why we’ve set out to create a brake booster range that positions us as one of the top 11” brake booster suppliers in Australia and online. Our 11in brake boosters are made to last and are easy to install, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a quality brake booster for less.

Discover an Extensive Collection of 11in Brake Boosters & More Online

To ensure our quality brake boosters are available to the widest selection of cars possible, we have extended our range beyond simply 11” brake boosters. We are proud to announce it includes brake booster sizes through 7” to 11”. This wider range provides you with greater flexibility as you repair, restore or modify your car, leaving you free to choose between that 8” brake booster or 11in one. Regardless if you pick a 9” or 11”, you can be confident you’re always getting that Proflow quality.

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You get reliable braking responsiveness for reduced physical effort when you choose a Proflow 11in brake booster. These specially designed aftermarket parts are made from durable materials for improved, lasting performance and come in a number of finishes to suit your car’s style. Be sure to get yours today!