Delivering High-Quality 7" Brake Boosters Online at Affordable Prices!

If you’re looking to get that effective and fast stopping power, chances are you’re going to need a car brake booster, 7in or larger. These ingenious parts have become an everyday improvement to driving experiences, like power steering. They ensure that you can stop more quickly without exerting as much pressure on the pedal. However, as with all car parts, brake boosters can wear out or original parts may not always be the best option for your driving style.

This is why we have created the Proflow range of 7” brake boosters, available online now. As part of our wider range of brake boosters, including 8”, 9” and 11” options too, whether you’re restoring a classic muscle car or simply wanting to improve the performance of your daily drive, we have what you need. This includes options for disc and drum brakes, as well as a range of finishes from matte black to chrome or zinc. Whatever brake booster you choose, be it 7in or 11”, you can trust that you're getting the reliability and value for money that haS become synonymous with Proflow parts.

Treat Yourself to the Wider Proflow Range

At Proflow, we believe in making quality affordable through our extensive engineering, manufacturing and testing of our own range of aftermarket parts. This ensures that even backyard enthusiasts and weekend rev-heads can enjoy getting their dream performance out of their car, no matter what it is, and all without breaking the bank. No matter the work you’re intending to complete on your car, we likely have the part you need and at a great price too.

Get Your 7-Inch Brake Booster & Master Cylinder Now

There’s no time like the present to start working on your car. So, be sure to choose your 7” brake booster from our online store now. Or, for a slightly larger option, don’t forget to check out our 9” selection too.