Instant performance with our high-quality exhaust headers for sale

You don't need to rebuild your entire engine to get a significant performance boost out of your vehicle. Whether you’re a professional, an aspiring racer looking to improve your times or a weekend warrior, you’ll get plenty of extra grunt with our range of exhaust headers.

This is an excellent upgrade for your vehicle. Without these, gases will be funnelled into your exhaust manifold, where they’ll flow through the catalytic converter, then your muffler. This can decrease engine efficiency, as each cylinder builds up pressure in trying to force out the gases, while the previous load is making its way through your exhaust system.

Bolting on some headers allows your exhaust system to breathe more freely and extract these gases directly from your engine more efficiently. This prevents excessive back pressure and allows your engine to consistently operate at total capacity.

Benefits of stainless steel exhaust headers

We stock a superior range of headers for sale in Australia. Designed for V6 and V8 engines, these are an affordable, highly effective way to increase the horsepower of your ride. They’re also not that hard to install.

However, it’s essential to make the right choice when selecting the correct part for you. We can help you there.

Our range has been sourced from industry-leading manufacturers. Designed and built to meet your vehicle's exact specifications, they’re also made of a high quality Grade 409 stainless steel, delivering more benefits for your engine. These include:

  • Improved heat tolerance: Any gases emitted are directly extracted at a high temperature, which will quickly wear down inferior materials.
  • Efficiency: Exhausting gas heat efficiently and preventing leaking will improve the process of extracting gases from your motor.

Everything you need for your vehicle

Proflow is your online gateway to the best parts and components, delivered directly to your address or mechanic anywhere in Australia or internationally. If you’re looking to upgrade, check out our range of mufflers, so your system is completely optimised. 

When it comes to heat management, we have all of your insulation needs covered so that you can push your vehicle to its limits without fear of over-heating. We also stock all of your piping needs and other parts, components and accessories.

Get the most out of your car on or off the road with our high-quality, affordable aftermarket replacement parts. We have everything from fuel pumps to alternators, so we've got what you need for any job. If we don't have it, ask us – chances are we can get it for you.

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