Find Electric Vacuum Pump Kits to Boost Your Braking System

If you’re looking to improve your braking system, a vacuum pump or kit is frequently required to ensure consistent and effective braking power is always available. Until recently, a large percentage of brake boosters relied on the vacuum created by the intake of an internal combustion engine. However, the vacuum generated by the engine isn’t always the most efficient or sufficient. Enter, electric brake vacuum pump kits. Electric vacuum pumps guarantee that your brake booster operates reliably. And this is where Proflow can help you. As a leading car replacement parts and accessories supplier, we have a wide variety of high-quality electric vacuum pump kits, as well as individual vacuum pumps and reservoirs to give your brake system the boost you’re after.

What Are the Advantages of a Brake Vacuum Pump Kit?

If you’re still on the fence about a vacuum pump kit, there are plenty of advantages to sway you. In fact, Proflow’s brake vacuum pump kits have been shown to impact your vehicle's horsepower, fuel consumption and general driving quality. As a result, it's safe to conclude that not opting for one of our electric vacuum pump kits is doing your car an injustice.

A high lift camshaft on a highly efficient street car may provide amazing sound and speed. However, if your vehicle has power brakes, a minimum of 18 inches of vacuum is required for optimal brake booster performance, which is not always available if your camshaft has greater overlap. Our electric vacuum pump kits keep your suction between 18–22 inches, so you will never have stress about your brakes not being there when you require them. Plus, they include all the components you’ll need to install the device, including wiring, hoses and brackets.

Shop the Best Setup for Your Brakes

If you’re looking to customise your brake setup a little more, rather than picking one of our vacuum pump kits, you can show individual components. For instance, we have a selection of vacuum reservoir tanks that can give your brake booster assistance with stored vacuum.

Buy an Electric Brake Vacuum Kit Today

For more effective and efficient braking, be sure to grab a brake vacuum pump kit from Proflow now!

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