Discover Your Ideal Custom Valve Covers & Accessories at Proflow

Even the best valve covers break down over time. But that’s the perfect reason to switch things up and get a quality valve cover and more from Proflow!

Explore Valve Cover Filters, Breathers, Grommets & More

When you’re talking engine components, valve covers play a big role in keeping things running smoothly. Preventing leaks and keeping your engine dust and debris free helps ensure that it can perform to its best. However, if your valve cover, filter, breather or grommet starts to fail, things can go south quickly. This is when you need to turn to Proflow.

Across our car engine parts range and beyond, we have built a reputation for quality products that offer excellent value for money. As with all of our 7000+ products, our valve covers are designed to be durable, affordable and great looking. From black chrome to aluminium valve covers, you can keep your engine in top shape and looking great all at once. Plus, thanks to our rigorous testing, you can be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth when you choose Proflow. We also have options for a wide range of popular car makes and models, from black Chevrolet valve covers to choices for your Holden Commodore.

Overhaul Your Engine With Proflow

Along with valve covers, you’ll find plenty to transform your car’s engine into your ideal build. For instance, our gasket kits come with everything you need to swap out your existing gaskets. Then for a tidy engine set up, we have plenty in the way of brackets, including options for alternators, as well as block-off plates to keep things neat.

Which Valve Covers Will You Choose?

Proflow’s range of black valve covers and more brings you an affordable and quality host of options to keep your engine in top condition, while injecting a little attitude to your vehicle.

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