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With race, drift, and rally cars, the hydraulic handbrake is commonly used to lock up the back wheels and help in on-the-spot drifting or spinning. You need to work far less when using a hydraulic handbrake, compared to regular stock factory handbrakes. As a result, you can manage faster turns on the track and maintain a higher level of control when it comes to your car’s balance. Equipping your modified car's brake system with Proflow's hydraulic handbrakes can be the best decision to get better control over your car and unleash your skills on the track!

If you want to maximise your car’s braking performance, we offer a diversified range of premium hydraulic handbrakes online to help you showcase your driving skills! As one of Australia’s top aftermarket hydraulic handbrake suppliers, you’ll find plenty of options to choose from and that all of them offer excellent value.

Get to Grips With Our Quality Hydraulic Handbrakes

Hydraulically operated handbrakes are more appropriate for racing and motorsports than traditional cable-operated handbrakes as they are connected directly into the braking hydraulics. As a result, these hydraulic handbrakes offer a more accurate sense of the amount of pressure being applied and are more reliable because you’re not worrying about cable stretching or snapping, and interfering with your braking ability.

Across the Proflow range, you’ll find we have a variety of hydraulic handbrakes for either a traditional horizontally functioning lever or a vertical lever. For us, we prefer the vertical lever, since it’s more conveniently situated closer to your hand, making it easier for you to quickly use the handbrake. Regardless of which hydraulic handbrake you choose, you’ll love the change it has on your car’s braking performance.

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