Be Ready to Race With Proflow’s Rubber Hose

Durable, reliable and ready to install in your car, our range of rubber hose for sale is an affordable aftermarket alternative that doesn’t cut corners on quality. When you buy rubber hose at Proflow, you get the advantage of choosing from a wide range of carefully designed and manufactured automotive rubber hose that’s made to meet the demands of daily drives and high-performance cars alike.

Get Inside Our Industrial Black Rubber Hose

Made from quality materials and available in high-demand diameters and lengths, we make it easy to buy reliable rubber hose. All our hoses have been tested to ensure effective performance across a scope of uses. They are also easy to install, especially with our own range of fittings and adaptors.

Competitively priced, our rubber hoses are your answer for a range of fluid transfer conundrums. From fuel to coolant to air, our rubber hose it’s up to the task without needing you to break the bank. Plus, we even have bulk rubber hose options with extended lengths of black rubber hose available too if you’re looking to be extra cash-savvy.

We’re More Than Just Rubber Hose Suppliers

Along with rubber hoses, we have your hose and tubing needs sorted. Looking for a durable, tough and flexible fuel hose option? Explore our range of braided hoses. Need to customise exhaust tubing or piping for your new turbocharger? Try our aluminium pipe collection. Upgraded your air intake but the existing tubing doesn’t work? We’ve got silicone hose and parts to make it run like a dream. When it comes to car components, Proflow has your back.

Reach New Records With Our Rubber Hose

As industrial rubber hose suppliers, we know just how important finding the right hose is. That’s why we make it easy with our extensive range.

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