A Diversified Range of Quality Aftermarket Proportioning & Pressure Valve Accessories to Choose From!

Proportional and pressure valves, and their accessories, are critical for your car's braking system. There’s much more to your brake system than just rotors and calipers. With the right proportioning valve accessories you can get that exceptional braking performance and maximise driver's safety in a range of scenarios, plus make it easy to tweak and modify your proportioning valves when you need to. So, whether you’re a drag racer, a pro drifter or a regular driver looking for ways to improve your car's braking performance, Proflow’s brake proportioning valve accessories are just what you need.

You’ll find the Proflow proportioning valve accessories full range available online for delivery across Australia, with options that are compatible with a variety of car makes and models. Regardless of which product you choose from our great proportioning and pressure valve selection, you can trust that it will perform tremendously and help you display your pro skills on the race track!

Set Yourself Up for Success With Our Proportioning Valve Accessories & More!

Proflow is one of Australia's top automotive and aftermarket performance parts suppliers. Our team is made up of car fanatics who make sure that every part we design and manufacture is of the greatest calibre. Performance is everything to car enthusiasts, after all. That’s why we’re proud to bring you a broad selection of aftermarket brake valves, accessories and more that are compatible with practically any car.

For instance, our highly durable brake proportioning valves will prevent your brakes from locking up, even when handling extreme conditions. Plus, our brake residual pressure valves help give you that smooth reliable braking performance every time too.

Get the Pressure Valve Accessories You Need Delivered to Your Door

Make sure your brake proportioning and pressure valves are carefully set up and kept in top condition with our range of accessories, including quality brackets. Buy yours today and get it delivered fast.

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