Fuel Pressure Regulator, Australia

Every engine needs a fuel pressure regulator (FPR). Whether you need a carburetted FPR or something more modern, you should buy a fuel pressure regulator to keep the fuel pumping steadily. When you buy the more modern fuel-injected FPR, you invest in a component that keeps its fuel injectors more or less functional. Because the fuel injectors cannot function without a sustained buildup of sufficient pressure in the fuel rail (found above your intake manifold), you need a fuel regulator installed, which keeps the fuel pressure and flow rate in check.

A fuel regulator is one of several fuel tank accessories, as it works in tandem with the fuel pressure sensor. The opposite of a dynamite duo, this pair is like yin and yang, permitting air and fuel to enter the engine in equal portions, restoring balance to your automotive fuel system. If they encounter any excess fuel, they redirect it back to the fuel tank without disturbing the fuel pump. What an efficient and harmonious coexistence!

What Happens When You Drive Without a Fuel Regulator

A fuel regulator is one of those car parts you don’t want to skimp on. If you don’t buy a fuel pressure regulator for your fuel-injected engine, your fuel injectors will take cues from the flow rate of your fuel pump instead, meaning the fuel tank will thus supply more fuel than is necessary. Without a fuel pressure regulator, the fuel comes out in excessive or inconsistent bursts, making your car’s performance unreliable and prone to dramatic changes. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the affordable prices of our fuel pressure regulators for sale.

Fuel Pressure Regulators for Sale at Proflow

At Proflow, we have every aftermarket car part you could ever need, every single one high-quality and indistinguishable from the part it’s replacing. If you want the best fuel pressure regulator in Australia, look no further than our online collection. From the carburetted to the fuel-injected models, discover your next upgrade right here. Find your favourite fuel pressure regulator online with Proflow!

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