Proflow's Pro-Series boost referenced EFI regulators are designed to deliver enough flow to support a whopping 2,000 HP! They're perfect if your application requires one or even two Pro-Series pumps. It also features a boost/vacuum reference port, which enables the regulator to compensate for boost pressure on a 1:1 ratio. Proflow's Pro Series regulator is designed to be extremely flexible in use, allowing you to use either two -10AN inlet ports, two -08AN inlet ports and a -010AN Return port. These 4 ports can be plumbed in any way you like to suit your vehicles needs. Now with sleek styling, a stainless steel diaphragm seat and even lighter than before, this EFI Regulator is the best choice for engines requiring a large volume flow rate of fuel.

  • Pressure adjustable from 30-75 PSI
  • Suit EFI applications E85 & alcohol compatible
  • 1/8" NPT gauge port
  • 2x Inlets -010AN
  • 2x Inlets -08AN
  • 1x Return Port -10AN