Shop Awesome Car Brake Sets & Kits in Australia & Transform Your Car!

If your car could benefit from more stopping power, a brake set or kit might be the perfect solution. As a top aftermarket car brake kits supplier, you’ll be pleased to know that our convenient kits are made to be an off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box solution, with everything you need to modify your car's brake system in one handy package. This includes pads, calipers and discs so you can modify your car's brakes easily.

Whether you’re after a high-performance upgrade explicitly made for track driving or something for general use, you’ll find the Proflow range of brake kits has you sorted.  We have a massive collection of car engine brake kits available online, offering compatibility with a wide variety of cars. So, if you’re after brake kits in Australia, Proflow is here!

The Proflow Promise With Every Brake Kit & More

When it comes to engine parts, brake kits, and other auto parts and accessories, Proflow is the place to go. With lots of great-quality and affordable aftermarket options available, you’ll find we have something for every sort of car enthusiast. Plus our dedicated and friendly team has plenty of expert opinions to help you find just what you need. So, if you’re serious about unlocking your car’s braking potential, or completing any other sort of repair work or modifications on your car, we’ve got you covered. Simply pick what you want and we’ll get it delivered to your door fast.

Your Go-To Car Brake Kits Supplier!

Proflow brake kits have a reputation for being reliable on the road, enhancing driver safety while providing greater handling in challenging situations, like on sharp corners. If you’re ready to experience the Proflow difference yourself, grab one of our brake sets or kits today.

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