Find Fuel Surge Tanks for Sale

Every high-performance vehicle needs a fuel pump surge tank. When you’re out on the road, you’ll want to keep your reserves high — and avoid running dry. At Proflow, we’re a team of motorsport enthusiasts who know what you need for optimal vehicular performance. If you prefer to drive with a little speed on your side, you need to check out our collection of fuel surge tanks (and, later, our fuel pump accessories!).

How Our Fuel Surge Tanks Work

A fuel surge tank is an essential component of high-performance fuel systems. It is designed to maintain a constant supply of fuel to the engine, even during hard cornering or acceleration. In a typical fuel system, the fuel pump can experience a loss of pressure due to fuel sloshing in the tank during high-performance driving. This can cause fuel starvation, which can result in a loss of power or engine failure.

A fuel surge tank helps prevent fuel starvation by using a separate reservoir to collect fuel from the main tank and provide a constant flow to the engine. This ensures that the fuel pump always has an adequate supply of fuel, even during extreme driving conditions. Additionally, fuel surge tanks are typically used in conjunction with a high-performance fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator to optimise fuel delivery to the engine.

Why You Should Go Proflow

When you go to Proflow, you know you’re buying high-quality, high-performance car parts from a team of motorsport fanatics. To date, we’ve created more than 7,000 parts — and that number continues to accelerate. From under-car surge tanks to full automotive fuel system kits, we stock everything you need to get the most out of your car. We road test every last one of our parts, subjecting them to the most trying conditions to ensure quality and safety. To top it off, we stock top-tier equipment at reasonable, affordable prices. When you buy from Proflow, it’s a win for you, a win for us, and a win for your vehicle.

Update Your Car With These Additional Accessories

While in-tank surge tanks are excellent additions for high-performance vehicles and turbo engines, we also have your car basics covered. Our air intake manifolds, for example, are the perfect partners for any throttle body; they distribute air evenly across all cylinders and regulate their temperature. Fuel rails are also an essential car part that supply a stable amount of fuel to the fuel injector, ensuring fuel efficiency and environmental performance in more high-performance vehicles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, perhaps you may wish to browse our full range of fuel pump accessories. Alternatively, you can always ask our expert staff for some top recommendations!

It’s Time to Put the Pedal to the Metal!

Whether you’re needing fuel surge tanks and kits or something more fundamental like an air intake manifold, we’ve got it — and everything in between — in our online store. Shop online with experts who know cars — shop Proflow today.

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