Car EFI System

Need to upgrade or replace a portion of your car’s EFI system? Look no further than Proflow: your ultimate provider of performance car parts. As the automotive fuel system with speed on its side, an EFI (‘electronic fuel injection’) kit or system trumps a carburetted engine any day in terms of torque and power. When you swap your carburetted engine out for an EFI-equipped model, you can also enjoy increased fuel efficiency, reducing the costs associated with — and wear on — your fuel injectors, fuel pumps and other vital parts. For a high-performance ride with improved fuel efficiency, you should equip your car with an EFI system — pronto.

What Else Can a Car EFI System Do?

Like many other pieces of modern technology, a car EFI system comes equipped with a computer inside — and also sensors. Together, this computing and sensing technology fuses to optimise your airflow ratio, as well as your ignition timing. Simply put, your car’s EFI system will automate many processes to speed things along, improving reliability and efficiency. Say goodbye to sub-par airflow ratios and the manual adjustments associated with carburettors! Bid a warm welcome to automation, easy start-ups — whatever the weather conditions — and less engine maintenance.

Get Your EFI System Components at Proflow

In our collection, we have all the parts you need to either jack up or modify your car’s EFI system. We have the full EFI fuel kit and kaboodle, including EFI conversion kits and fuel injector blanks — the latter you can use to block some of the eight injectors, should you wish to go ‘easy, tiger’ without running on all cylinders. Aside from EFI system components, Proflow also stocks all kinds of other aftermarket car parts, among which include fuel filters. From EFI fuel kits to air conditioning parts, Proflow has it all.

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If you’re feeling all revved up to buy an EFI conversion kit, you know what to do: find the one that fits your car — and you! We have all the right parts fit for purpose. Shop EFI fuel injection kits online with Proflow!

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