Find High-Quality 8-Inch Brake Boosters Compatible for a Variety of Vehicles

For a boost to your car’s braking power and performance, you can’t go past an 8in brake booster from Australia’s favourite aftermarket car parts store, Proflow. The brake booster was a technological revolution for cars, in much the same way that power steering was. It helped to improve the overall driving experience, allowing drivers to control their cars more easily and with less effort, improving road user safety at the same time. Since their initial introduction into the automotive industry, a range of brake booster options have become available, ranging from 7” to 11” to suit different power braking systems. However, not all 8-inch and other brake boosters are created equal. If you really want to get a quality performance out of your car’s brake booster, 8”, 9” or otherwise, you need a quality part. This is where Proflow comes in.

At Proflow, we have quickly become known as reliable 8” brake booster and other aftermarket car part suppliers. We challenge ourselves to develop better aftermarket parts, from improved durability and performance to better value for money. As such, our selection of 8-inch brake boosters aim to provide a high-quality, affordable option for car enthusiasts across the country. Our 8in brake boosters include dual and single diaphragm options, along with different finishes including black, zinc and chrome. These great features are also present in our other brake booster ranges, through our 7” to 11” options.

Buy the 8in Brake Booster You Need Today

Our selection of 8-inch brake boosters is designed for auto enthusiasts, offering an affordable choice that doesn’t mean losing out on quality. If you’re in the market for an 8-inch brake booster, or even a full power brake system, including manifold vacuums, there’s no better place to find it than at Proflow.