Intake Manifolds for Better Air & Fuel Flow From Your Car

An aftermarket exhaust can complement a high flow intake by helping gases escape, while feeding more air and fuel into your engine to produce more power; this is why a new intake manifold can be so beneficial to your vehicle. Our high performance intake manifolds feature smoother internal surfaces and larger inlet ports than stock alternatives, allowing your engine to breathe much more freely.

While all of our fuel air system products are designed to provide fuel and air with the smoothest possible pathway from your carburettor to the engine, different manufacturers offer different paths and directions. This means that some products will suit your car better than others. Figuring out which intake manifold is the most appropriate for your car can be a challenge, but, don’t worry, the dedicated team at Proflow can help you every step of the way.

Find Plenty of Other Automotive Accessories & Parts at Proflow

As leaders in the automotive industry, Proflow provides a huge range of parts for performance engines. As well as intake manifolds, we supply throttle cables, fuel pumps and surge tanks. Our compact surge tanks prevent engine fuel starvation during moments of high acceleration and hasty cornering. Additionally, our new range of fuel pumps, focus on offering high performance fuel delivery.

The Best Place to Get Cheap, High-Quality Intake Manifolds

When Proflow began, our goal was to develop an extensive and affordable range of aftermarket automotive fluid transfer products. All these years later, and we are still constantly growing and consistently providing our customers with the best possible products and advice. Explore our car performance shop today and get your pride and joy a reliable intake manifold and more!

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