Vacuum Pumps & Reservoir for Seamless, Smooth Driving

Proflow's quality car vacuum pumps and reservoirs support and power your brake booster, allowing it to perform flawlessly when required. This is extremely important for safe braking, whether you are racing or just everyday driving. However, the brake booster vacuum pump you choose does make a big difference to the results you get.

The advantages of a good vacuum pump, such as our electric vacuum pump kits, go beyond safety. Picking the right vacuum pumps and reservoirs can affect your car's horsepower, fuel efficiency and general drive quality. That’s why, at Proflow, we have created a range of durable and reliable electric vacuum pumps and more for brake boosters. We also have plenty of vacuum reservoir tanks to choose from, so that you can get the performance and safety you’re looking for from your car.

What’s So Special About Our Brake Booster Vacuum Pumps & Reservoirs?

Vacuum Pumps That Deliver Consistent, Quality Suction

Give your car the suction it requires to effectively work with your brake booster! Our vacuum pumps are built to endure and can reliably generate the suction necessary to improve your power braking system.

Reservoir Tanks That Produce Plenty of Power

Our vacuum reservoirs for power brakes enhance the performance of your car. These rigid vacuum canisters are ideal for vehicles with bigger camshafts that are unable to produce enough vacuum power for the brake booster. In fact, these tanks are capable of doubling the vacuum capacity for your boosted brakes.

Shop Vacuum Pumps & Reservoirs Now

With Proflow, you can get a quality car vacuum pump and reservoir delivered anywhere in Australia, from Melbourne to Magnetic Island. To get the most out of your brake booster, be sure to grab a vacuum pump and reservoir now!

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