Find the Power in Your Car’s Engine With Our Fuel Tanks & Accessories

With our extensive range of custom fuel tanks and accessories, it’s easier than ever to keep your engine firing on all cylinders and delivering that top performance you need. Whether you’re looking to impress on the track or get more out of your daily drive, we have the fuel tank and accessories you need.

Discover Quality Aftermarket Automotive Fuel Tanks & More

Your car’s engine fuel system is an ideal place to start when you’re looking to improve your car’s performance. From larger or more optimally designed fuel tanks to the accessories that ensure a consistent and quality supply of fuel is always reaching your engine, there’s plenty you can upgrade, repair or replace here. And you can do it all with Proflow.

The Proflow range, for instance, includes a solid selection of fuel pumps to ensure your never engine is never left wanting. Combine them with an under car surge tank and fuel starvation will be a thing of the past, even when you’re hitting top speeds and breaking personal bests.

Alternatively, if you’ve devised the perfect fuel system for your car, why not take a look at its air system? Key to the integral combustion process for powering your engine, a clean, consistent air flow is just as important as fuel. So, make sure that happens in your engine with a throttle body from Proflow.

Proflow: The Name You Can Trust in Performance

At Proflow, our mission is to bring you quality and greater value. Therefore, our collection of aftermarket car fuel tanks and more for sale are designed, developed and manufactured to meet our exacting high standards. We’re passionate auto enthusiasts ourselves, after all. We want to see the best from your car too! Then, we put them to the test, trialling them under different conditions and high pressures to ensure that when you really need them, you can rely on them. When they pass the test, our fuel tank accessories are then priced competitively for the Australian and international market, so you always get a great deal.

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Dream of a better performance from your car? Make it a reality with Proflow.

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