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Keep your cool with quality aftermarket car radiators for sale

When pushing your performance vehicle to its limits, the last thing you want to experience is overheating. Not only will this drastically decrease your engine’s performance, but it can also lead to failure of major components. This can lead to metal expanding, parts failing and ultimately a cracked engine block, which is goodbye for your engine.

Our Melbourne warehouse has a wide range of car radiators for sale in Australia. We have custom-designed options to suit Holden Commodores, Mazda performance vehicles, including the RX7 series, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan Skyline, Fords and all General Motors and Chevrolet motors.

When you want to show your vehicle off at car shows or other events, there is nothing like a polished, shiny radiator that looks far superior to a painted stock alternative.

Aluminium radiators in Melbourne

Most of our radiators have been manufactured from aluminium. This delivers a wide range of benefits, no matter your driving style or level of experience.

Aluminium is the ideal solution for those looking to improve their engine cooling efficiencies. This packs all the cooling functionality of traditional brass and copper varieties, at only one-third of the weight. 

As aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, you’ll be able to reach high speed and optimal temperature much faster. This also helps protect your other parts and components in your engine, as heat won’t leak from the radiator to other components.

The superior flexibility of aluminium means that these radiators have been engineered to be a perfect fit for your make and vehicle model, with universal options also available. When they reach their end of life, they can be easily recycled, so they are also good for the planet.

Trust us with all your performance requirements

Proflow is your one-stop shop for performance parts for all vehicles, including:

  • Engine components
  • Exhaust system requirements
  • Fuel and air parts and components
  • Brake system replacements and upgrades
  • Oil system options to boost performance
  • Chassis and fabrication solutions.

On top of this, we have all your accessories covered with a wide range of hosings, piping, gauges, tools and much more. Check out our range, including:

  • Radiator caps: Quality replacement radiator caps remain secure even when placed under heavy pressure in race conditions. Available in black and polished stainless-steel varieties. 
  • Thermostats: A highly durable thermostat regulates your coolant and your entire cooling system. With simple valves, these are engineered to the highest standards for total cooling management in all conditions.
  • Intercoolers: These maximise the performance of your turbocharger. The highest standard intercoolers manage the temperature of your air intake. Our range will improve your engine efficiency and deliver more power.
  • Water pumps: Stock alternatives just won’t cut it when you demand more from your engine. High pressure, performance water pumps help to reduce hot spots and steam pockets in your engine, especially when driving in hot Australian conditions.

Need assistance? Our team is on hand to provide all the advice and support you need. Give us a call on 1300 879 879 or email us at sales@proflow.com.au.

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