Is an Upgraded Fuel Pump What Your Car Needs for Better Performance?

Like the human body, a car has many internal parts and systems working to keep things not just operational, but also thriving. Ergo, it’s virtually impossible to attribute improved car performance to a single car part. In this blog post, we’ll discuss fuel pumps and how they can work together with other car parts to bring out the best in your car. Keep reading to learn all the specifics!

Does Your Fuel Pump Make a Difference?

Before we discuss whether or how your fuel pump makes a difference, let’s establish what a fuel pump does. In a nutshell, the fuel pump channels petrol from tank to engine, which allows for smooth, continuous running of the car. If you have a high-flow fuel pump, you’ll be able to get a greater flow of fuel to the engine. The metric unit of measurement used here is ‘litres per hour’ (LPH).

Now we have the definition down pat, let’s return to the question at hand: does your fuel pump make a difference? The answer is yes, but with the caveat that improving performance is not a case of merely upgrading the fuel pump. As discussed, a car is a complex beast consisting of multiple parts working together. To point to the fuel pump and say it’s solely responsible for improving car performance would be like giving all credit to the heart for keeping you alive.

If we’re going to continue the human/car anatomy analogy, it may help to think of the engine as the heart of the car. After all, the engine is where most of the action takes place. Just as the human heart has distinct chambers, so too does a car’s engine. One such chamber is the combustion chamber, where fuel, air, and a spark combine to create—as you may have guessed—a combustion. The key to increasing power is to modify your engine to increase the incoming airflow, but this can only work if you also increase the incoming fuel and ignition energy (i.e. the source of that crucial spark). Therefore, a fuel pump upgrade alone will not increase power so much as enable you to increase power by channelling a higher volume of fuel to the engine in light of major engine upgrades.

What You Need to Know to Choose Your Performance Fuel Pump

If you’re wanting to speed things up with a high-performance fuel pump, you can’t buy just any old model. You’ll need to ensure its compatibility with your car and any upgrades it’s undergone. Arguably the most critical factor to consider is flow rate (measured in LPH, as established earlier), as you’ll need to ensure it’s neither too high nor too low for your engine and other fuel system accessories. You should also decide whether an electric or mechanical fuel pump would better serve your setup. Some high-flow fuel pumps will work only with gasoline, rendering them ineffective should you attempt to fire them up with alcohol-based fuels.

There are some other factors to consider when selecting a fuel pump, too. These include size, power input requirements, fitment availability, durability, and, of course, whether it will suit your budget. If you require assistance upgrading your fuel pump, the team at Proflow are always ready to go the extra step.

Become a Flow Pro With Proflow Fuel Pumps

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