3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Skimp on Quality Valve Cover Gaskets for Your Car

When it comes to the health and performance of your car, even the smallest and most seemingly insignificant components have a crucial role to play. The valve cover gasket is one such component. These pieces of automotive engineering are indispensable, ensuring effective and long-lasting engine performance. While it might be tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative, choosing a high-quality gasket will be the best choice for your car and your wallet. Remember that a bad gasket is not an isolated issue, but rather a trigger that has flow on effects for valve covers, engines and vehicles in general.

What Can a Bad Valve Cover Gasket Really Do?

Gaskets play a substantial role in vehicle operation by effectively sealing the engine. Furthermore, valve cover gaskets protect the cylinder head hardware and prevent oil leaks from the engine. Despite the fact that these car engine components are rarely discussed, their presence is extremely important. Choosing a low-quality valve cover gasket or failing to fix an impaired one is a huge disservice to your vehicle. When your valve cover gasket doesn’t operate as it should, a myriad of issues will inevitably arise.

1. Overheat the Engine

If your engine is frequently overheating, it could be due to chronic or acute leaking valve cover gaskets. Faulty valve cover gasket parts often cause low engine oil levels, which influence the engine to overheat due to lack of lubrication. This can trigger further and severe damage to other engine areas and related systems. If this happens in a remote or dangerous area, you could be put in a very tricky situation.

2. Rapidly Burn Through Oil

If your valve cover gasket is not of a high quality, it will go through oil at a faster rate. This will make your vehicle more expensive to run, and will put you at risk of running low on oil at an essential moment. If you notice that you’re having to complete an oil change more frequently than usual, you might have a damaged and leaking valve cover gasket. You might also experience unwanted oil leaks, which will manifest as visible stains, a dirty valve cover or even an unpleasant burning smell from beneath the hood of your car.

3. Cause the Engine to Misfire

When oil is leaking from the valve cover gasket, it can eventually seep into the spark plug well and spark plug tubes. This can cause the engine to misfire or perform poorly. It can even cause a fire under your hood if you don’t make the necessary repairs. Over a long period of time, oil contamination can also saturate an insulator and electrode of a spark plug, which will mean that a replacement may be required. A leaking valve cover gasket can also cause the engine to leak repeatedly if it isn’t replaced with a new one.

Keep in mind that engine knocking or stalling can also be an indication of failing valve cover gaskets, as well as the sight of white fumes escaping from the engine.

Buy Valve Cover Gaskets You Can Rely On

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