What to Know Before You Install That Intake Manifold: Pros & Cons

Getting ready to purchase and install a new air intake manifold? Whether you are a seasoned car enthusiast or a casual driver, there are certain things you need to be aware of before you go ahead with the decision. Understanding both the positives and negatives of intake manifolds will help you with the processes of choosing, installing and maintaining this component.

Pros of Installing an Intake Manifold

If you want to upgrade your vehicle’s engine, we highly recommend starting with the intake manifold. Upgrading this part is often one of the first things car enthusiasts do to improve the way their car operates and save money in the process.

Improved Performance

The air intake operates by taking in air and distributing it to the engine’s intake manifold. Upgrading to a high-performance intake manifold will allow for increased airflow to the engine cylinders, which will furthermore generate a better air-to-fuel ratio. With your vehicle now equipped to breathe better and more efficiently, you can enjoy the benefits of improved horsepower, torque and acceleration. You will also observe better throttle response and overall engine performance.

Amplified Sound

Increased air flow will likely alter the engine’s sound and lead to heightened noise and vibration. Installing an intake manifold will help you achieve the engine roar that so many car owners seek. If you wish to amplify the sound further, you can also add a muffler and large exhaust pipes.

Reduced Weight

Since most performance manifolds are made of a form of aluminium, they’ll be substantially lighter than the standard manifold that is probably in your vehicle at present. With a lighter vehicle, you’ll notice improved handling and maintenance. This freedom gives you the chance to fine-tune your engine’s performance characteristics.


Intake manifolds offer multiple options for customising and tuning, allowing you to choose the ideal design and material for your specific engine and preexisting modifications.

Fuel Efficiency

As we’ve established, a well-designed intake manifold will lead to a more efficient ratio of air to fuel. As well as boosting your engine’s performance, this improvement also means better fuel economy. Efficient combustion means less wasted fuel, which will save you substantial money over time.

Cons of Installing an Intake Manifold

As great as they are, there are some downsides associated with intake manifolds. Depending on your priorities and what you want from your vehicle, they may be substantial. However, most of these problems are solved if you choose a high-quality part that suits your car’s needs.


It’s important to be aware that installing an intake manifold may involve making further modifications to the engine or surrounding components. This can make the installation process quite complicated, and you may need professional expertise. Additionally, ensuring proper fitment and compatibility between your engine and the intake manifold can be complex and difficult at times.


If the intake manifold is or becomes damaged, this damage can cause coolant or vacuum leaks. If this happens, you will need to take out the intake manifold, check and clean the mounting surfaces, and replace the gaskets. To avoid this issue, choose an intake manifold that is high quality and reliable.

Carbon Buildup

Another problem that sometimes plagues the intake manifold is carbon build-up. This is especially likely to occur in turbocharged engines. Carbon build-up inside an intake manifold can cause a lack of power, misfiring, smoke and poor fuel economy. If this happens, you may need to remove the manifold and clean it manually, or otherwise replace it.


If you choose an intake manifold that is of good quality, you might find purchasing this component a bit pricey. This cost will additionally rise if you require tuning and professional installation. However, it’s worth noting that the fuel efficiency associated with intake manifolds will likely make this initial cost well worth it.

Find the Perfect Intake Manifold Today

Installing an intake manifold may take some time and effort, but ultimately, it will unleash the true potential of your engine. If these pros and cons weigh up to make an intake manifold worth it for you, it’s time to take the leap and experience the thrill of increased horsepower, torque and throttle response. Proflow offers a wide variety of intake manifolds, so you can find the perfect addition to your engine. Shop our range today and let your engine roar like never before!