These high-tech Universal master cylinders were designed using OE specifications and 100% tested. They have a 1" or 1-1/8'' bore and are suited for disc/drum combinations. Each master cylinder is ported on both the left and right sides, allowing for installation in many different applications. This exclusive design features a mating flange that works with applications requiring 3-1/8” through 3-3/8” bolt patterns. These master cylinders will work with manual or power brake systems and can be quickly changed with the included adapter pin to plug the deep well. The wide body and low profile gives this master cylinder the clearance you need when installing in tight areas and yet it maintains a large volume of fluid necessary for 2 and 4 wheel disc brake applications.

  • 1" or 1-1/8'' bore
  • 3/8"-24 IFF outlet ports on both sides
  • Plugs are included for the unused ports
  • Mount spacing is 3-3/8", accomodates 3-1/8" applications
  • Works with power or manual brake systems
  • Compact, for installation under floor or on firewall
  • Suited for either disc/disc or disc/drum combinations
  • Stroke of this master cylinder is approximatlely 1-1/16"
  • Has a piston adaptor that will allow for power or manual applications