A proper cooling system starts with the right radiator. Proflow UltraCool aluminium Radiators cool more effectively and weigh less than older OEM style brass units. Choose from a variety of popular application specific fitments. Proflow is proud to introduce its latest offering - Proflow performance cooling products. When it comes to keeping your ride cool, make it Proflow! Features: 100% TIG welded (brazed) seams Aircraft quality aluminium core, Hose Ends, and tanks (up to 30% weight savings) Billet aluminium filler neck and OEM style brass petcock More cooling fins per inch for more efficient cooling Quality TIG welded side tanks for custom show appearance 3-row Radiators supporting applications with 450-750 horsepower Applications for GM, Ford, Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep and LS-swap available Proflow's 1-year limited warranty Note: Core size is 50 mm. Total width includes tanks. Inlet 1.5, outlets 1.75