Proflow's LS1/LS6 Standalone Wiring Harness kits offer the best in aesthetics, weight savings, and reliability. Designed specifically for your cable driven or drive-by-wire LS equipped ride, these harnesses look as good as they function and directly fit GM LS engines produced from 1997 to 2002. The installation is simple and will completely replace your old harness, so you can forget about any electrical gremlins. Available for LS with T56 or 4L60E transmissions.

Included Electronics:

  1. Fuse/Relay Box
  2. Fuel Pump Control
  3. Fan Controls
  4. Check Engine Light
  5. Speedometer
  6. Tachometer
  7. OBD2
  8. Accelerator Pedal and Throttle Body Control
  9. MAF and MAP Sensors
  10. Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor
  11. Alternator Control
  12. Oxygen Sensors
  13. Crankshaft and Camshaft Positioning
  14. Fuel Injectors
  15. Coil Packs
  16. Knock Sensors
  17. Manual/Automatic Transmission Control